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We all know the pain of underrealized potential. Whether due to brain fog, anxiety, sensation of being overwhelmed, or cognitive decline, it’s hard to go through life knowing so much more is possible. Qualia was designed to help you transcend these limitations so life can be experienced with clarity, potency, and emotional resilience. This is why you must buy Qualia Supplement.

Imagine more. Dream bigger. Go make it happen.

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Qualia Supplement

Broad-Spectrum Cognitive Enhancement

Cognitive capacity is a nuanced relationship between many variables. Optimizing for one variable of cognitive function at the expense of other critical ones would not give us the result of comprehensive enhancement of human capability. For instance, having drive without the ability to focus well, or willpower without emotional resilience. For that reason, we’ve designed a formula that deliberately balances subjective effects to give meaningful enhancement in a comprehensive way – a whole system upgrade. This is why you buy brain supplements.

Brain Booster


Cognition is the machinery of intelligence. Everything from memory to creativity. Buy brain supplement and feel smarter.

Brain Booster


Confidence, willpower, empathy – these are our deep capacities for engaging the world. Enjoy a more powerful way of being in the world.

Qualia and Qualia Supplement


An improved mind requires an improved body. Experience higher levels of energy, awareness and the ability to respond to life.

What to Expect

In addition to increases in focus, drive and emotional resilience, people have noticed other subtle positive experiences. Keep an eye out for these:


Many people report an increased ability to take on a challenge they’d been resisting before and meet it with ease instead of distaste or frustration. Procrastinating doing your taxes, cleaning out the desk drawer, or whatever hairy project you’ve been putting off? Qualia can help you get motivated and focused to get it done.


It’s unpredictable, but watch out for it. Having a sense of ‘aha’ or revelation about things is what we call ‘synthesizing thought.’ Unconscious pattern analysis happens below the surface to prepare the ground for those big picture insights. This can be one of the greatest hidden gems, leading to breakthroughs in areas that otherwise were stuck.


In the first week of taking the product, many people report a reregulation of their sleep cycles – maybe needing less sleep, or sleeping at different times. After that balances out, they’ve noticed they remember their dreams more, there’s more lucidity to them, and that they feel more meaningful. While the dreaming mind isn’t fully understood, the science around it suggests dreaming is associated with memory consolidation and psychological processing of events, so we take this as a good sign.

  • Immediate noticeable effects
  • Long-term structural benefit
  • Ongoing benefits even after discontinued use
  • No dependency or downregulation
  • No short or long-term downsides
  • No externalities

 Use coupon code EMF at checkout and get 10% off.

Brain Booster

Brain Booster
Dr. Zachary Stein, Psychometrics Lectica


Qualia is remarkable. Clarity, focus, and fluidity of thought. Like those 45 mins after a perfect cup of coffee, except it lasts for 6 hours and you never crash. Alertness and empathy increase, which leads to a kind of openness of experience and more balanced and timely judgments.

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